How to ensure the success of your application?

  • Update your CV
  • Before you apply, carefully read the job requirements
  • Make sure you meet the requirements of the job you apply for

What legal and physical requirements should I fulfill in order to get a job on a river cruise ship?

  • You should have a valid passport
  • Make sure that you are physically fit to work on a cruise ship

Health requirements

Once offered employment, all applicants must pass a medical examination. Applicants will be responsible for the cost of the examination.


Length of contract

Depending on the type of job, most contracts last from the end of March until the end of October. Contracts are renewable in the next seasons. You may also choose to work the Winter Season on a short-term contract (2 to 3 months).


Food and accommodation on board

Both are included for crew members. These expenses are covered by the company.


Transportation to and from the ship is covered by the company.



The company covers the cost of your medical & life insurance while you are onboard of the ship. Therefore, you do not need to buy travel/medical insurance before joining the ship.


Place of embarkation

Each of the cities situated on the banks of the Danube, Rhine, Main or Mosel rivers can be an embarkation port. In most cases, you will embark in Budapest, Passau, Vienna, Cologne or Amsterdam.


How are living arrangements on board?

Accommodations may vary depending on the ship and position. Those in non-management positions generally share a cabin with one to three other crew members.


Can I drink alcohol onboard?

Yes, alcohol consumption is allowed in your free time. However, drinking during working hours is not allowed. Alcohol abuse will result in contract termination.


Is there a drug policy?

The company has a zero-tolerance drug policy. All crew members are subject to random and reasonable-suspicion drug testing. Violation of these policies will result in contract termination.


How do I do laundry?

The laundry facilities are free of charge for all employees.


Will I get the permission to visit the ports while working onboard?

Safety requirements dictate that a certain number of crew members must be present aboard one vessel at all times. As such, there may occasionally be times when, although not scheduled to work, you will be required to remain onboard while the ship is in port.

Generally, rotation based, you will get the permission of your superior to visit the ports.


Do I need any IMO Courses to apply?

No. Given the fact that the ships are cruising on rivers, not on oceans or seas, the IMO COURSES (International Marine Organization Courses) are unnecessary. Please do not send us any copies of IMO documents