- for German-speaking candidates -

Running for many years now, this special programme has been conceived and shaped especially for talented candidates who might not have experience as a Cruise Director, but have the potential to become one: foreign languages (especially German), are guest-oriented, have a positive attitude and excellent communication skills, inclusively public speaking.

Our many years of experience have shown that this complex position of Cruise Director asks for a wide range of skills and capabilities as well as for a volume of knowledge that is only acquirable on board the ship, while shadowing a Cruise Director, and taking step by step responsibilities unter the watchful eye of an experienced Trainer.

We think of our Trainees as long-term staff. The position of Trainee is only meant for future Cruise Directors, and most of our current successful Cruise Directors have first undergone a Traineeship period, and have realised the unmeasurable value of it for their career. Some of our Trainees have been able to take over almost all tasks, responsibilities and, of course, benefits of this position after only one a few months of shadowing.

All Trainee positions are paid. Please note that you do not have to start as a Trainee if you have already worked as a Cruise Director on a river cruise ship. We are able to offer direct employment opportunities as Cruise Director for experienced candidates.

So, if you have excellent German-speaking skills and want to pursue a career in the Guest Relations Department, apply at for CRUISE DIRECTOR TRAINEE.

Your benefits:

- it is a paid position
- it is a fast-track intensive programme; 
- it is on board the ship, so you will be a part of the team right from the beginning
- you will work with several current Cruise Directors and get to know their style of making infotainment on board
- your career with us does not start at the end of the programme, but from the very first day you join us as a Trainee
- you can apply any time, all year round.

What does a Cruise Director do?

The presence of a Cruise Director is essential for any successful cruise. Essentially, the Cruise Director serves as the planner for all types of shipboard entertainment and activities. Along with ensuring that all social and cultural events are well coordinated, the cruise director also often acts as the main source of information for the guests on the cruise, ensuring they are having an enjoyable experience.
You will begin your career as an Assistant, focusing on a limited number of cruise activities. This gives the novice some experience in how to coordinate a wide range of events and services that help to make cruises so attractive and pleasant for the paying guests. This period of applying accumulated knowledge while under the watchful eye of an experienced professional can make all the difference refining the skills required to be a successful Cruise Director. The activity of a Cruise Director’s Trainee involves learning how to deal with difficult clients, what to do in the event that some activity is not working well for the guests, handling last minute changes to the cruise schedule, and responding to queries from the passengers.

Was macht ein Kreuzfahrtleiter?

Der individuelle Trainee-Programm bereitet Sie für eine Top-Management Position an Bord vor: Kreuzfahrtleiter. Sie werden, unter anderem, für das Wohl der Gäste an Bord und für die Organisation der Ausflüge an Land zuständig sein. Anders als auf dem offenen Meer, gehen die Gäste auf Flusskreuzern fast täglich an Land.