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Musical Duo

Requirements & selection criteria:
You should perform a variety of musical styles, being highly interactive with a wide range of guest demographics, and emphasis on popular music from the 1950s to present, and on German songs. You possess also the ability to perform, as a cocktail piano player, a variety of musical styles during tea-time, in the afternoon, and ascertain the musical tastes of the passengers. Requirements during the musical entertainment in the evening include proficiency as an instrumentalist and vocalist with a large repertoire of music from which to draw (most should be from memory) and the ability to cater to a diverse range of guests from different countries (USA, Germany, France etc) with varied musical tastes.

Health requirements:
Once you are offered employment, all applicants must pass a medical examination by designated physicians. Applicants will be responsible for the cost of the examination. You must be physically fit to work on a cruise ship.

Length of contract:
Depends on the type of job, but most contracts are from the end of March until the middle of November. Contracts are renewable in the next seasons. You may also choose to work in the Winter season for short-term contracts (2 to 3 months).

Food and accommodation on board:

Is free for crew members. These expenses are taken care of by the company. Living arrangements vary by ship and shipboard position. 

The company covers the costs for your medical insurance while onboard the ship. Therefore, you do not need to buy a travel medical insurance before joining the ship.

Transportation to and from the ship is usually covered by the company. In most cases, you will get a refund for your ticket to the ship, while the return trip will be organized directly by the company.

Place of embarkation
Each of the cities situated on the banks of the Danube, Rhine, Main or Mosel rivers can be an embarkation port. In most cases, you will embark in Budapest, Passau, Vienna, Köln or Amsterdam.

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